Vacations you can take that will save you money and be educational as well.

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The thrill that comes with traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures and learning about the history and culture of a place is an amazing and irreplaceable feeling, don’t you agree? Every once in a while, it is important to take a break from your day to day hustles and routines, and take time off to relax, rejuvenate and explore the world. And learning something while you are at it is an added bonus. Planning vacations that will be exciting, fun, affordable and yet educational seems almost next to impossible. However, this doesn’t have to be case. With proper research and planning, you could easily find hidden gems worldwide that will both satisfy your wanderlust and leave you thrilled, excited and looking forward to the next holiday so that you can take another trip. Below are some of our favorite picks on vacations you could take that will be friendly to your budget, educational and fun! 1. Cambodia. From its pristine beaches and stunning architectural sites to untouched jungles, the South-East Asian country has an endless array of attractions. Few travelers, right from backpackers, luxury tourists, to families on vacation, are immune to the country’s beguiling charms and flock to see legendary sights and learn more about the country’s culture. The locals in Cambodia are incredibly hospitable too. There are plenty of sights to visit like the famous Angkor Wat temple, one of the most impressive and excellently preserved temples. It is easy to get private and air-conditioned rooms for all little as $20, transportation for less than $20 and affordable food and drinks in the city. 2. South Africa. South Africa is home to beautiful wildlife and a wide array of amazing natural wonders. You can easily experience the marvels of this great country on a budget without having to break your savings account, save for the traveling fees depending on where you are coming from. Cape Town, the heart of South Africa, is a striking metropolis with jaw-dropping natural wonders. On top of amazing landscapes and plenty of wildlife to explore, there are also a variety of other places to visit and things to do. The restaurants and bars are also wallet-friendly. To top it all up, some beaches and tourist attractions are completely free. Therefore if you are up for a safari adventure, South Africa is definitely the place to go. 3. South Korea. Undoubtedly, South Korea […]