Constructive criticism

Constructive criticism comes in many ways daily throughout your life. One of the main things determining if it is good or not first come with the individual Being calm and not reacting.


When it comes to constructive criticism regarding business and your work one has to be careful to not react so soon. Instead of reacting to what you might think may be an attempt on someone shooting down your dreams, access the situation. Ask yourself does this person that is telling me this mean any harm? What has this person’s position been in your life, and what is their experience in dealing with what they constructively criticized you on?

When receiving constructive criticism wise advice would be to never react suddenly but instead halt from reacting and analyze and access the situation. Being a good observer goes along way. There is a saying “Talk once listen twice” Some people when they are in a conversation or a debate, or a disagreement are in the hearing state of mind, meaning they only hear what you say but are not listening to what you say. Hearing and listening are two separate things. Hearing is you actually acknowledge the sounds that are coming from ones mouth and in a case of having a conversation, you hear one thing and instantly come to a conclusion based on your belief without a thought outside of your own belief. When you listen you are ready to receive the information and process it. Listening is absorbed.


When you challenge everything you hear from a person giving you constructive criticism you will not only miss out on an opportunity to grow you will miss out on the most valuable game on earth, the skill set of listening…

The benefit of getting feedback is priceless. I myself sometimes go out my way just to hear what some one thinks of what I am doing and how I should do it so that I can better analyze my situation from a different perspective. I ask questions regarding the feedback to possibly help me come to a better understanding to what I am doing. Constructive criticism helps you to learn about your weaknesses in certain areas. When you don’t react emotionally is gives you time to digest and seek out solutions as well as talking to others to get their advice.


It is wise to not challenge people who you know have more knowledge than you and even the ones that you feel you have more knowledge than, it is wise to be curious to see what they know , you might learn something. If more money is being given out than you are bringing in, the end result you will be broke. Hence if more is coming from out of your mouth instead of into your head then you will miss out on valuable game…


We all know that sometimes constructive criticism is hard to receive. When you practice accepting it and analyzing it, and taking it for what it is worth, then you have added another valuable skill set to your portfolio of whatever it is that is your profession